Email Deliverability

Email deliverability


Brysa, a certified Salesforce partner based in the UK, specializing in management services, was encountering difficulties in enhancing the open rate of their outbound email marketing campaigns, which are crucial for lead generation.


To achieve the highest open rate and generate a good number of leads. Also wanted to reduce the cost involved in domain purchase and automation software licenses.

Business challenge:

Struggling to get a 30% or more open rate.

They were unable to increase the domain reputation.

The client didn’t know how to work with Catch domains.

They had to buy more domains to generate 15 leads a month as the open rate wasn’t good.


EvaWarm helped them with a custom manual warm-up to increase the domain reputation and whitelist the promotional content. 

To ensure a good open rate, EvaWarm has given them the volume strategy and the audience to be reached.

To reduce the no. of bounces from catch-all domains, we suggested them the right way of validating the catch-all domains and volume strategy.


Client was able to get a 70%+avg open rate in just 6 weeks after starting an engagement with EvaWarm.

Client got only less than 2% bounces.

Client was able to generate 15 leads a month with less no. of domains.

Client was able to generate 20% more revenue.