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Get 95% accurate results at affordable prices from our industry-leading email verification solution. Our service helps to reduce email bounce rates, improve sender reputation, and enhance email deliverability.

Emails Verified
2.6 B+ 100%
Invalid Detected
829 M+ 32%
Trust Users
12 K+ 100%
Accuracy Rate
95% 95%

Why Email Verification?

Email verification is a crucial step in maintaining a healthy and accurate email list. When sending out email campaigns or using email marketing as a means of communication with customers or cold prospect, it’s essential to ensure that the emails are delivered to the intended recipients. It is beneficial to verify email addresses in order to increase the deliverability of your email and reduce your bounce rate. By avoiding sending emails to inactive or invalid addresses, you can save time, effort, and resources.

Validate with EvaWarm

We understand the significance of every email in acquiring new leads or clients through cold email outreach. To assist with this, we have developed an industry-first solution that provides a 95% accurate email verification service. Our solution yields results of valid, invalid, and catch-all email addresses, providing valuable insight to enhance your business growth through email marketing.

What sets us apart from the rest

High Accuracy

It is possible to guarantee dependable results with an accuracy rate of 95% when using multiple real-time checks.

Bulk list verification

We provide real-time email verification options for bulk email lists, which are highly accurate and efficient, ensuring faster verification.

Catch-All Checkup

With EvaWarm's email verifier, you can determine whether an email is valid, invalid, or catch-all, and if it is catch-all, it identifies whether it is high or low with 100% coverage.

24*7 Support

You can get in touch with us at any time through chat, email, or phone. Our support team and engineers are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Fast Verification

As a result of our scalable system, millions of parallel email validations can be completed within a single hour.

Email Deduplication

Our duplicate email removal options prevent sending messages to the same person repeatedly, ensuring efficient and effective communication by removing duplicates from your list.

Choose your plan

Pricing plans that fit your budget.


Per Month
  • 2K verification per month
  • $ 0.0075 per verification


Per Month
  • 10K verification per month
  • $ 0.0064 per verification


Per Month
  • 100K verification per month
  • $ 0.0035 per verification


Per Month
  • 1000K verification per month
  • $ 0.00191 per verification

Make an informed decision by taking advantage of our free trial offer to discover more about our email verification service.