Frequently Asked Questions

To use our service, visit our website and follow the instructions provided. You will be guided through the process of uploading your CSV file for bulk email verification or entering a single email address for individual verification. Our system will promptly process your emails and deliver the results.

After uploading your CSV file or entering a single email address for verification, you can view the results directly in the dashboard itself, as well as under the Single Emails tab. For bulk verification, you can find the results in the Batch Emails tab and have the option to download them.

Each email address verification consumes a single credit, regardless of the result obtained. Whether the email is marked as Valid, Invalid, Catchall, or Unknown, it will count as one credit from your account.

Our email verification service boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 95%. We utilize advanced algorithms and techniques to ensure reliable and precise results.

Our verification service categorizes email addresses into four distinct results: Valid, Invalid, Catchall, and Unknown. These results provide you with essential information to make informed decisions regarding the usability of the data.

Absolutely! Whether you have a few hundred or thousands of emails to verify, our service can handle large quantities efficiently.

We accept email lists in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format only. Please ensure that your file adheres to this format before submitting it for verification.

After verification, use valid emails confidently, and avoid invalid ones. Catchall emails are usable but with variable deliverability. Not recommended for unknown addresses due to domain restrictions and server flags.

We adhere to strict privacy policies, and utilize robust encryption protocols to ensure your data is protected during the verification process.

We offer an industry-first verification tool with an impressive 95% accuracy rate. Our service can efficiently verify emails in bulk with fast processing.