Where can I see email marketing growth in 2023?

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Are you from a digital marketing background? then this blog might be handy for you. 

In order to improve ROI through email lead generation, digital marketers use a variety of tactics and methods. It was a good year for email in 2022, with all of the disruptions on social media platforms, the rise of AI-generated content, and continuing improvements in email technologies like AMP. 20 Experts in deliverability and email marketing including  Evawarm have got their new predictions about the growth of email marketing in 2023. Let’s have a look at what they got to say 

1. Economic Precariousness 

Recession or layoff is the biggest hurdle for any company to cross the time period. Companies have to be wise in planning out their marketing budget and how they do it, what supports them is a big-time question. People who enter into cost-cutting measures tend to escape the recession and were able to produce ROI very quickly compared to their competitors.

Recently, we asked respondents what channels they believed would provide the best ROI during a recession, and we found an email in an evolving economy. A close second was digital marketing (41%), Listed on the top was email marketing (41.80%).

2. Open Rate as a new avatar in Email Marketing

If there’s one thing we had to come to terms with in 2022, it’s that open rates aren’t everything in email marketing.

Email senders have continually used opens as a crucial gauge of their emails’ success throughout the years. However, they have grown increasingly unreliable with the emergence of new privacy measures that hide the IP activity of many multinational mobile companies. Email marketers have been forced to reevaluate what they’re monitoring when an email is delivered, even though ESPs have been attempting to exclude bot activity and automatic engagement from their open stats.

Companies will begin using more effective tracking in 2023 to go beyond email openings and assess the true value of each message sent.

3. Solving Unique expectations win the business

Simple personalization or segmentation strategies no longer work because 20% of Americans receive more than 50 emails every day. Customers want experiences that are actually valuable to them throughout their entire journey. In fact, a recent Salesforce study found that 73% of consumers worldwide anticipate that brands will meet their particular requirements and expectations.

Marketers have always found it difficult to enhance our email data, largely because of technical issues and, more recently, because of new privacy laws. Yes, it is getting much more difficult to provide messages that are actually individualized without appearing weird. When new privacy laws make client data more elusive and challenging to access, how can you make you’re messaging more pertinent?

Hyper personalization will become a mandatory part of 2023 email marketing, it should be customized in such a way that it respects the privacy law of the clients.

By requesting the appropriate information during the sign-up process, marketers may connect with their users in a more relevant way without making you feel as though someone has been looking through a peephole into your life. 

4. Holy Grail of Email Marketing

 User engagement and interaction with the emails in your inbox is the best way to determine the conversion rate and success of your email campaign. This user engagement is a Holy Grail of Email Marketing. 

We have to allow the user to perform some interaction with the emails that lands in their inbox. Always give them an opportunity to interact with your brands or products by offering a demo video, signup forms, or promo coupons. 

Interactive emails started to appear more frequently in our inboxes in 2022, the next challenge for interactivity in 2023 will be to truly improve the user experience and allow subscribers to carry out tasks without leaving the email. Even more challenging is getting them to click through to a landing page to perform an action. Such interactions will allow the brands to improve their economic friction and increase the ROI. 

5. Will Chat Bots support Email marketing?

AI can assist in email decision-making by creating effective subject lines and selecting the most effective times to deliver emails to contacts’ inboxes. Even email validation can be improved and refined by AI, which can indicate if an address is active or not depending on its activities.

Email marketers will need to develop new abilities in 2023 in order to fully utilize AI as it becomes more prevalent. The ability to influence and teach AI to serve strategic goals will soon be more crucial than knowing how to write effective subject lines or when the best time is to send emails.

6. The double Opt-in option protects deliverability 

Most email marketers will tell you that the strength and power of an email list lie in its engagement. There’s no point in having more contacts if they are not opening or clicking on your emails. Despite the importance of this factor, many newbies will say that increasing the number of contacts is all that matters. But experienced marketers know better; it’s how engaged those contacts are to what you do that takes shape over time. And since most people nowadays can get lots of email addresses for free, the first thing many marketers do is to make sure their contact lists contain a decent number of inactive or non-existing ones.

Ready to swim in the waves of Email Marketing 2023 

“The global e-mail marketing market was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027” Source: Statista

People lie but numbers never do! so from the above stats, it’s clear that the value of email marketing increases, and we always prefer client interaction and interest in making decisions on the emails you send. So 2023 email marketing should definitely be focusing on ways to make your recipients interact and generate ROI for the company.

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