How email marketing is good for small business

A successful email marketing requires a sophisticated, two-way process in which both the brand and the customer play an equally important role. Sending out content and waiting for sales to roll in is not a sustainable strategy for long-term success. Instead, businesses must work to establish a finely balanced process that involves gaining subscribers, building […]

Where can I see email marketing growth in 2023?

Are you from a digital marketing background? then this blog might be handy for you.  In order to improve ROI through email lead generation, digital marketers use a variety of tactics and methods. It was a good year for email in 2022, with all of the disruptions on social media platforms, the rise of AI-generated […]

Best cold email automation tools – Pros, Cons and Pricing

Although cold emailing can help expand your business by reaching out to potential clients, executing it manually can be tedious and time-consuming. However, utilizing cold email automation tools can automate the process, making it more efficient and effective. In this blog post, we will discuss ten of the best cold email automation tools available, their […]

Why cold email deliverability is important in 2023 and where can I start?

Let me begin with a simple query. What exactly does email deliverability mean? and What distinguishes deliverability from open rate? Never be concerned if you don’t know since I am here. Deliverability refers to your emails’ capacity to reach the recipient’s inbox. How many people really opened your emails is determined by the open rate.Calculate […]

Top 9 Email Warmup Tools for Better Deliverability

Have you tried sending an email and been successful in getting it into the receiver’s inbox? It may also have reached the spam folder, as there is always a possibility that it goes there. If you want to avoid getting into spam folders, email warmup is one of the most important things you can do. […]

Best alternative to Gwarm email warmup

Finally, Google has instructed GMASS to stop using its automated email warming services or lose its API access. Not that IMAP-based warm-up gadgets are the way of the future. The hunt for automated warmup services by Google is obviously in progress, but warmup is not yet dead.The AI alternatives might flourish, but they fall short […]

How is manual email warm-up better than an automated process?

Creating an email campaign isn’t a difficult task, but achieving results can be. Many concepts have to be put into play, and the first priority part is to warm up the email domain. Many email marketers are familiar with this term, however, for beginners, let’s understand what an email warmup is. Email Warm-up is the […]

7 factors that can affect the sender reputation of an email domain

Sender reputation is a frequently discussed topic in email marketing, and for good reason. It is a crucial aspect of email deliverability, which determines whether your emails will land in the recipient’s inbox or be sent to the spam folder. Improving your sender reputation can lead to higher inbox placement rates and click-through rates, which […]

3 Reasons Why reaching out from a secondary domain is essential for cold emailing

Have you ever wondered what happens when you run a COLD email campaign from your primary domain? First Let’s understand what the Primary domain is. It is the domain where all your online business activities are carried out. Now, coming to the original question “Can we run a Cold email campaign from the Primary domain?” […]

Best email marketing strategy for eCommerce

Why do E-commerce businesses need Email marketing? Why is email so important to your ecommerce success? Because it’s how your customers keep up to date with the latest news, products and offers. These email updates act as influencers to let them make purchase decisions. The problem is, if you don’t send emails or nurture relationships […]