7 factors that can affect the sender reputation of an email domain

Sender reputation is a frequently discussed topic in email marketing, and for good reason. It is a crucial aspect of email deliverability, which determines whether your emails will land in the recipient’s inbox or be sent to the spam folder. Improving your sender reputation can lead to higher inbox placement rates and click-through rates, which […]

3 Reasons Why reaching out from a secondary domain is essential for cold emailing

Have you ever wondered what happens when you run a COLD email campaign from your primary domain? First Let’s understand what the Primary domain is. It is the domain where all your online business activities are carried out. Now, coming to the original question “Can we run a Cold email campaign from the Primary domain?” […]

Best email marketing strategy for eCommerce

Why do E-commerce businesses need Email marketing? Why is email so important to your ecommerce success? Because it’s how your customers keep up to date with the latest news, products and offers. These email updates act as influencers to let them make purchase decisions. The problem is, if you don’t send emails or nurture relationships […]