How is manual email warm-up better than an automated process?

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Creating an email campaign isn’t a difficult task, but achieving results can be. Many concepts have to be put into play, and the first priority part is to warm up the email domain. Many email marketers are familiar with this term, however, for beginners, let’s understand what an email warmup is.

Email Warm-up is the process of gradually building the sender reputation of a new email account by starting with small amounts and slowly increasing the volume. This helps you build a positive reputation with email providers, increases deliverability, and ensures that your emails aren’t marked as spam.Email warm-up helps establish trust with email providers, improves the chances of your emails reaching the intended recipients, and helps achieve better email marketing results.

There are two approaches to email warm-up: 

1. Manual email warmup:

In email marketing, it’s important to keep in mind that email providers use intricate algorithms to monitor both new email accounts without a sending history and existing accounts utilized for email marketing. These accounts are more likely to trigger spam filters and result in emails being either blocked or sent to recipients’ spam folders. This highlights the importance of establishing a positive sending reputation and avoiding triggering spam filters to ensure successful email marketing outcomes. 

By doing manual email warmup, you can ensure that your emails are not marked as spam, maintain good email deliverability, and reach the desired audience effectively. Additionally, sending high-quality, relevant, and engaging content can help improve recipient engagement and overall email performance. 

To warm up an email account manually, one can start by sending a few emails a day to a small group of subscribers, gradually increasing the frequency and volume of emails over a period of several weeks or months. It’s important to monitor the deliverability of emails during this time and adjust the sending behavior as needed to ensure a positive sending reputation is established. 

Studies indicate that a greater number of leading digital marketing agencies are opting for manual email warm-up over automated email warm-up. This highlights the importance and popularity of the manual approach in establishing a positive sending reputation and successful email marketing campaigns.

2. Automated email warmup:

The goal of automated email warm-up is the same as manual email warm-up, which is to establish a positive sending reputation with email providers and improve email deliverability. Automated email warm-up uses algorithms to gradually increase the sending volume, making it a faster and more convenient way to warm up a new email account.

Automated email warm-up solutions offer a range of features and customization options, including the ability to set a warm-up schedule, adjust sending volume based on recipient engagement, and monitor sending reputation and deliverability metrics. This makes it easier for organizations and individuals to warm up their email accounts in a manner that is tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Additionally, automated email warm-up solutions can help ensure consistent sending practices and help maintain a positive sending reputation over time, leading to improved email performance and higher deliverability rates.

Why should you choose Manual Email manual warmup?

we mentioned that many top digital marketing agencies prefer manual email warmups over automated email processes. Some of the below pros are going to surprise you about the benefits of manual email warmup, so you will understand why top digital marketing and big brands prefer manual email warmups.

Customized approach: The manual email warmup process allows for a tailored approach to build the sender’s reputation and increase email deliverability. This level of customization can lead to more effective results.
More control over the process: With a manual email warmup process, you have complete control over the pace, volume, and content of your emails. This level of control can be crucial in ensuring your emails are well received by recipients and avoid being marked as spam.
Ability to personalize emails: The manual email warmup process provides the opportunity to create personal, targeted messages for each recipient. This level of personalization can increase the likelihood that emails will be opened and engaged with.
Flexibility to adapt to changes: The manual email warmup process allows for changes to be made in real time based on the performance of emails. This level of flexibility is valuable in ensuring that the email warmup process remains effective.
Ability to address specific issues: With the manual email warmup process, you have the ability to address specific issues that may arise during the email warmup process. This level of problem-solving can lead to more effective results.
Potential for better understanding of email deliverability: The manual email warmup process provides the opportunity to closely monitor the performance of emails and gain a better understanding of email deliverability. This level of understanding can be valuable in improving the overall effectiveness of the email warmup process.
Increased sender reputation: The manual email warmup process can lead to an increase in sender reputation, which is crucial in ensuring that emails are delivered to the inbox and not marked as spam.
Improved email engagement: The manual email warmup process provides the opportunity to create personal, targeted messages for each recipient, which can increase the likelihood that emails will be opened and engaged with. This level of engagement can lead to improved results for your email campaigns.

Why EvaWarm is best for you?

we offer a 100% manual process that increases your email sending limits and helps you avoid ISP and ESP blacklists. Our team has extensive experience and a proven track record of success in improving email deliverability. 

Our process is customizable to meet your specific needs and our focus on maintaining a positive sender reputation ensures that your messages reach their intended audience. With our comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, you can track your progress and make informed decisions to continuously improve your email deliverability. Trust EvaWarm for your email warmup needs and achieve better results.

Final thoughts

Manual email warmup is a better option compared to automated warmup due to its personal touch and ability to tailor the process to each unique situation. Automated warmup solutions often use generic approaches that may not be effective for every situation.

With EvaWarm, you have access to an industry-first manual email warmup tool. Our team of experts handles the entire process manually, ensuring that your email sending limits are increased and avoiding ISP and ESP blacklists. 

With our customizable approach, we prioritize maintaining a positive sender reputation, monitor and report progress, and provide a comprehensive solution for all your email warmup needs. Choose EvaWarm for a reliable, effective, and personalized solution to your email warmup needs.

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